10 Cars You MUST Drive in Your Lifetime

By on January 23, 2014

Most of us like to stick to the tried-and-true when it comes to cars; we find a brand or model we like, and we get comfortable and complacent. Some of us drive the same model of car our entire lives, upgrading to the newest model when our current ride reaches its breaking point.

However, variety is truly the spice of life, and even if your buying habits fall into a pattern, you should still keep a bucket list of the cars you want to drive in your lifetime. Even if it’s just taking one of these cars for a test spin, there are some cars you just have to drive before you die.

The ten cars below are our picks for the vehicles that you MUST drive at least once in your life. No matter how you choose to pull off the feat, make sure you take all ten of these incredible automobiles out on the road at least once.

#10: Audi R8

The Audi R8 is one car you definitely want to drive in your life. Its blend of power, class, and eye-catching beauty make it one of the nicest vehicles around today.

With a price tag that’s more reasonable than a Lamborghini or Ferrari, the Audi R8 is probably a more realistic car to take out on the road sometime.

You can rent one of these babies for approximately $1,200 a day, or $7,000 a week from many rental car companies, making the R8 a reasonable – if expensive – choice to drive around on a vacation sometime. We highly recommend you do so, if only once.


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