10 Cars You MUST Drive in Your Lifetime

By on January 23, 2014

#5: Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport LS5 454

With an LS5 V-8, 454 cid engine, the Chevrolet Chevelle of the early 1970s represents another iconic staple of the American muscle car era.

While these cars were gas-guzzling nightmares, and were downright awful at cornering, you just can’t compare to the feeling of putting the pedal to the floor in a 360 horsepower burnout machine that’s made for speed and sizzle. And muscle. Lot’s of muscle.

If you can’t find an early-70s Chevelle to rent or borrow, you can always buy one for a price around $30,000.


#4: Tesla Model S

In just a few years of existence, Tesla has already made a huge name for themselves, as being at the forefront of the impending electric car revolution.

Teslas are efficient, a dream to drive, and pack plenty punch – as we mentioned, the Tesla Model S just destroyed the Dodge Charger Hellcat in a drag race.

The Model S is Tesla’s flagship car, and it’s constantly being improved upon. With its innovative design, and abundance of technology, the Model S might be the easiest car to drive that we’ve ever seen. It has unparalleled traction and stability, all in a quiet, easy-to-manage, electric package.

Tesla is the future, and you might as well get started preparing for the future by driving a Model S as soon as you can.


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