Check out the 2015 Lexus LX570!

By on April 14, 2015

In a world where smaller, crossover SUVs are becoming the norm, the 2015 Lexus LX570 is here to prove that BIG, burly SUVs are still as desirable as ever.

With the same mechanical specifications as a Toyota Landcruiser, the 2015 Lexus LX570 is large and brutish, but exudes class and opulence through and through. After all, that is exactly what we’ve all come to expect out of a car with the Lexus name.

Weighing more than 2 Toyota Priuses combined, the 2015 Lexus LX570 is not exactly one of the smaller, more manageable SUVs that seem to dominate the market today, but that’s a good thing. The new Lexus LX570 is one of the finest SUVs on the market, and comes replete with features that most SUVs can only dream of incorporating.

The 2015 Lexus LX570 keeps many of the features of past models, and the chassis and body remain the same as previous iterations of the car. However, for the 2015 model, Lexus has added a lot of cool bells and whistles that make the LX570 stand out from its competitors in the large SUV market.

For example, the 2015 LX570 has added Lexus’s largest spindle grille to date, and has improved LED lights at both ends of the car. Furthermore, the 2015 Lexus LX570 includes a state-of-the-art infotainment system in the Lexus Enform suite of navigation and multimedia apps, making it one of the best-equipped luxury vehicles around. The platform includes new Siri Eyes Free connectivity as well, making it one of the first vehicles to use the newest Apple driving technology.

The 2015 Lexus LX570 also comes with 83 cubic feet of cargo space, and a cabin that can comfortably seat 8 passengers. This is one of the roomiest SUVs on the market, and with luxurious finishes and leather seats, your passengers will feel every bit as stylish as they do comfortable.

Of course, this car comes with typical Lexus features like a backup camera, push start ignition, and more as well.

Starting at a price of approximately $90,000, the 2015 Lexus LX570 is not cheap, but you truly get what you pay for – and what you’re paying for is a top-of-the-line, luxury SUV. If you’re looking for a big, versatile, luxury SUV, you can’t do much better than the new LX570.

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