5 Highlights from Week 1 of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show

By on January 15, 2015

This week, Detroit has been abuzz with the biggest names in the auto industry as they took to the stage to unveil their new vehicles, concepts, and ideas for the future.

The two-week long Detroit Auto Show started this past Monday, and will continue until January 25th; however, even in the early going of the Auto Show, we have seen several new, exciting cars unveiled from a myriad of different companies.

From flashy new sports cars, to the return of classics, to the exciting potentialities of new electric cars, the first week at the Detroit Auto Show has provided plenty of intrigue, showing an exciting present and future for the automotive industry.

While in the coming week there will certainly be more captivating developments, we wanted to break down a few of the early highlights at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Below are five of our favorite moments from the first few days. These five cars are generating plenty of buzz, and get us particularly excited for the upcoming years.


 #5: 2017 Ford GT Preview

Ford isn’t necessarily know for creating sleek, sexy, supercars….but that’s exactly their intent with the upcoming 2017 Ford GT, which was previewed publicly for the first time on day one of this year’s Auto Show.

The streamlined 2017 GT Preview is “engineered to keep company with exotics” in the word of Ford’s developers, and by the looks of the car, it seems like they’re certainly on the right track.

While the Ford GT probably wont be quite on par with its more expensive competitors, it looks as though it will provide an affordable, American-made alternative for those of us who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on Audis, Ferraris, or Lamborghinis.

The development of a car this sleek from Ford speaks well to the potential of American-made cars as we move forward. We’ll be excited to see these babies launched sometime next year, but for now, just look at that car and let your imagination run wild!

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