5 Highlights from Week 1 of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show

By on January 15, 2015

#2: Buick Avenir Concept

That whole “You don’t know know Buick” ad campaign is starting to hold a lot of water; Buick is totally rebranding their tired, antiquated image into new-age, sexy relevancy. This was exemplified loud and clear by the unveiling of Buick’s beautiful new Avenir Concept.

Buick even hosted its own, exclusive reveal event on the night before of the Detroit auto show, having a main stage all to itself in a warehouse in the city. What they revealed was important enough that it necessitated the major unveiling.

The Avenir Concept may very well be the future of Buick. In fact, the name “Avenir” means “future” in French. Very fitting. The Avenir is a gorgeous sedan, with an unmistakably high-end look, interior, and finishes. This is indeed the new generation of Buick.

No word yet on when the Avenir will enter production, but le avenir is looking very, very bright for a company that’s on the up-and-up.


#1: 2016 Acura NSX

Another car that we’ve already written about, we are very excited for the return of the iconic Acura NSX this year. It has been a full 25 years since the original NSX was unveiled – as a Honda, in some markets –  and it has been a full decade since an NSX was produced. But, fortuitously, this stylish, relatively-affordable sports car is back with a vengeance.

The original Acura NSX was light, sleek, and fast, but also possessed unmatched benefits that luxury cars oftentimes lack—everyday drivability, friendly ergonomics, and the reliability we expect from Honda. 25 years ago, this allowed the NSX to pose a real threat to more expensive, exotic sports cars.

And now, it’s back and better than ever. The 2015 NSX will feature a twin-turbo V-6, with titanium connecting rods coupled to a wet twin-clutch seven-speed transmission and hybridized with an electric motor. What’s more, the horsepower in the 2015 NSX is will likely match the likes of the Lamborghini Gallardo, and it will cost less than half of the asking price for the Italian exotic.

Indeed, the next generation of the American sports car is here and it looks a whole lot like the 2015 Acura NSX.


So there it is, our five favorites from the early going of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. We will check back next week to show you what exciting new vehicles and concepts are rolled out as this fantastic auto show continues to progress.

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