The 5 Rarest Cars in the World (Photos)

By on April 11, 2013

#1 1938 Phantom Corsair

If Batman was real and living in the late ’30s, there’s no doubt he’d covet the Phantom Corsair. But even Batman might have trouble making his dreams a reality, since there was only one of these wonderfully strange cars ever built.

The Phantom Corsair is a two-door, six passenger sedan with a “futuristic” look that tells us that folks in the early-mid 20th Century–and Corsair designer Rust Heinz, in particular–imagined a future where everybody drove in big, black bullets.

In its time, the Phantom Corsair was deemed an utter failure, because it never went beyond the prototype phase and into mass assembly, but now it’s regarded as something of a marvel, not only for its extremely limited production, but also for its stunningly unique design.

In 1938, the cost of building the Phantom Corsair was approximately $24,000 (which translates to about $370,000 today). Today, it’s utterly priceless.

What’s your favorite rare car? If you were suddenly given one, would you drive it around, hoard it in your garage, or sell it for the money? Be honest now!

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