Apple Carplay is Coming to a Car Near You

By on March 10, 2015

Are you tired of your car’s clunky infotainment system (if you even have a new enough vehicle to have an infotainment system)?

Well, you won’t have to worry about such things in the future, thanks to Apple teaming up with a who’s-who of auto manufacturers to make Apple Carplay an almost ubiquitous feature in upcoming models of a plethora of vehicles.

As it currently stands, infotainment systems are one of the most complained about features across several brands and car models, as the native, on-board systems tend to fail to live up to expectations and malfunction with frequency.

However, Apple has taken note of these issues, and has been developing their own solution, building their “Carplay” system with the hopes of cornering another market. And it appears they will be able to do exactly that after this week’s news.

Of course, Android Auto – Google’s competing technology – looks to be a player in the infotainment game, too, but for now, Apple has taken an early lead, after signing a contract that will put the Apple Carplay system in 40 models this year.

The Carplay technology is implemented by Apple’s in-house development team, bringing the flawless simplicity of Apple’s mobile products right into your car’s dashboard. The technology will essentially give you another smartphone – in a location that will keep you less distracted and allow you to do things more easily when on the road.

It has not officially been announced which brands are partnering with Apple to make the Carplay a feature in their vehicles, but it seems that Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz are two companies that have made the commitment. Toyota, on the other hand, has opted to stick with their in-house software for now, although they have not discounted the possibility of making the switch to Apple or Android at some point in the future.

In any case, you should look for Apple Carplay to become more and more common in vehicles in the coming year. The tech giant is finally making their first real foray into the automotive world, and if their results elsewhere are any indication, Apple will thrive.

Whether Apple or Android has a longer lasting effect on the automotive industry remains to be seen, but we can all rest easy knowing that these two companies plan to improve the infotainment systems in cars once and for all.

Look for cars featuring Apple Carplay to come to a dealership near you later this year!

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