Aston Martin Secures Over $300 Million for New Projects

By on May 4, 2015

You can officially look forward to some big things coming from Aston Martin before the end of the decade, thanks to the over $300 million in investments the British independent car company received in the past week.

Aston Martin, who has been struggling to turn a profit for the last few years, received the huge sum from the company’s two major private-equity shareholders – Italy-based Investindustrial and Dubai-based Tejara Capital.

The investors decided to pour money in to allow Aston Martin to create the exciting new plug-in-hybrid DBX crossover, as well as several new two-door vehicles, all of which will be coming before 2020.

The investment gives Aston Martin a total of approximately $1.5 billion in funding through the year 2017, which should allow the company to successfully fulfill its ambitious plans in the next few years.

It seems that the reason for most of the interest in Aston Martin is due to the DBX concept, the hybrid SUV crossover that has been making headlines ever since it debuted this past March. The innovative concept car will soon be a reality, thanks to the significant investments Aston Martin has received.

In addition to the DBX, Aston Martin plans to build a Rapide successor, modeled after the Lagonda Taraf, and replacements for the company’s entire two-door lineup.

Aston Martin gets this money at a time when it badly needs funds; in 2014, the company posted an operating loss of approximately $28 million, setting its bank account back a significant amount. This investment gets Aston Martin out of the red, with plenty of surplus dough to work on new projects and ideas.

So, with this investment finalized, we can look for Aston Martin to try to move into the upper echelon of luxury car manufacturers before the decade is over. The independent auto company might have needed some help, but this investment might just be the push Aston Martin needs to get back to the pinnacle of the auto world.

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