Behold the Aston Martin Vulcan

By on February 27, 2015

Aston Martin, long known as one of the premier luxury car manufacturers in the world – and certainly the finest British company – has released its most impressive vehicle to date. The Aston Martin Vulcan is truly an engineering marvel, and immediately will take a spot alongside the finest supercars in the world right now.

The Vulcan is an 800-horsepower, V-12 speed demon; a car so powerful that Aston Martin requires extensive driver testing and track training for anyone that purchases the vehicle. Which probably will not be you, because the Vulcan costs $2.3 million, and only 24 bespoke models of the car will ever be produced in its run.

This car is guaranteed to be one of the finest vehicles you can possibly buy, with a price tag that rivals the Bugatti Veyron. Unfortunately the Aston Martin Vulcan cannot beat the Veyron’s world record speed – it only tops out at about a measly 210 mph.

Not a whole lot of specs are readily available at the moment, as the Aston Martin Vulcan is so new, but much more detail will be available after the car makes its debut in earnest at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3rd of this year.

Aston Martin will likely steal the show with this gorgeous, sleek supercar. The sales of like-minded vehicles have been steadily increasing since 2009, even with a down economy for most of the time, and Aston Martin will almost certainly be able to capitalize on this fact with their most incredible car yet.

The Vulcan is incredibly low to the ground at just 46 inches in height, and incredibly lightweight, with an exterior that is made almost entirely of carbon fiber. Aston Martin claims that the Vulcan’s weight-to-power ratio actually exceeds the cars designed for racing at the FIA World Endurance Championships. Indeed, the Vulcan is a legitimate race car that can be driven around on city streets, if you’re so inclined and have immense wealth.

Anyone who does buy the Vulcan will get to experience a lot of other cool perks, too. Part of the driver training program includes track testing other Aston Martin race cars like the V12 Vantage S, One-77, and Vantage GT4. It must be nice to have enough money to afford one of these cars.

In the meantime, the rest of us can just dream, and wait for the Aston Martin Vulcan to be properly introduced at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

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