Auto Industry Partners With US Military to Prevent Car Hacking

By on November 26, 2014

As vehicles have become more and more advanced, with features like electronic keys and Bluetooth technology, they have subsequently become more vulnerable to thefts from internet hackers.

To address this issue, car manufacturers have begun working with the US Military to discover pitfalls in their security systems that might make their vehicles susceptible to online theft.

The industry has even gone so far as to create the Auto Informational Sharing Advisory Board — a committee focused specifically on tackling this complex issue.

To test how current cars stand up against a hacking,  the US Defense Department recently hired hackers to try and infiltrate a 2012 model car.

The hackers succeeded in infiltrating the system by creating an equivalent of a skeleton key to unlock the car’s network. Form there, experts say, hackers could theoretically release this information make it available online.

The advisory board hired to tackle the issue is in the middle of testing the security systems of other car models to eventually develop recommendations for how automakers can protect future vehicles.

There are already numerous cases of car theft carried out through computer hacking. Whether the automotive industry will be able to implement security measure to fully protect all future vehicles remains to be seen.

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