Auto Sales Up to Start 2015

By on February 10, 2015

The New Year got off to a bang in the automotive world, as over one million cars were already sold in America in the first month of 2015. American car dealerships recorded 1,152,480 new car sales in January, which is up a whopping 13.7% from the same month in 2014.

The revitalized economy, which includes incredibly low gas prices, is thought to be a major factor in Americans’ desire to buy new vehicles this year, which is a promising sign for the industry moving forward.

Noticeable amongst the overall increase in numbers was the increase in sales of pickups and SUVs, whose numbers were up more than 20% from the same month last year; again, credit might be due to the declining gas prices here, as these vehicles obviously take up more gas than smaller cars.

The brand with the greatest improvement of all was Mitsubishi, whose sales were up 42% from January of 2014, totaling 6,943 car sales in the first month of 2015. Across the board, numbers were up for nearly every brand, though. Lexus, GMC, Porsche, and Mini also recorded increases of 25% and above from one year ago.

The only brands that didn’t see a lot of growth in sales were Volvo and Volkswagen, who both put up numbers essentially on par with the sales of a year ago.

In any case, as the first month of the year shows us, 2015 is going to be a nice year for those in the automotive industry. Consumers are much more likely to buy new cars due to the state of the economy, which is great news for auto companies and citizens alike.

Here’s hoping these positive trends in our economy continue, and everyone can continue to stay happy when it comes to car sales.

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