Best 7 SUVs Under $30,000: Safe, Reliable & Affordable for Families

By on April 8, 2014

#4 Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a four-door, five-passenger “compact” SUV that never suffers from a lack of interior space and comfort, despite its vehicle class. Indeed, the Edge can comfortably fit five people without feeling the least bit cramped or claustrophobic. The Edge’s size also allows it to have a great fuel economy when compared to competitors.

The Edge features an excellent sound system (with MP3 player, auxiliary port for smart phones and portable music, USB port), entertainment center (including DVD player), and voice navigation system, giving it a big boost into the Digital Age. These features, in a very affordable SUV, make the Edge one of the smarter choices on the market in its vehicle class today.

Edge 1

In terms of performance and safety, the Ford Edge is very easy to handle and comes equipped with ABS and Driveline traction control, Advancetrac with roll stability control, an airbag occupancy sensor and a safety canopy system that curtains the first and second rows with air bags.

MSRP: $28,100

#3 Ford Escape

Escape 1

The Ford Escape feature a four-cylinder engine, which is pretty decent as far as compact SUV performance goes, but it also comes with optional EcoBoost engine choices.

The engine can be upgraded to a 2.0-liter or 1.6-liter EcoBoost system that’ll give the vehicle a surge in power and fuel economy, making it a very smart vehicle to buy.

One of the reasons so many people seem to enjoy driving in the Ford Escape is because it and the Ford Focus share the same platform.

This commonality in design gives the Escape’s drivers and passengers a nimble and comfy ride.

For about the same price point as the Edge (the Escape is actually slightly cheaper) the Ford Escape represents a cheap, efficient, and comfortable SUV that will provide plenty of room and value for you and your family for years to come.

MSRP: $27,300


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