Best 7 SUVs Under $30,000: Safe, Reliable & Affordable for Families

By on April 8, 2014

#2 Buick Encore

With a turbo-charged four-cylinder engine, a super stylish interior, comfortable seating, and a very fuel efficient design (25 mpg city / 33 mpg highway), the Buick Encore easily joins the list at number 2.

Some folks complain about the Encore’s lack of muscle when it comes to acceleration, but this is a pretty small gripe when pitted up against the advantages in fuel economy, precision steering, cabin design and, above all, safety (five-star ratings in frontal crash and side crash from the NHTSA). The pros of the Encore definitely outweigh the cons, as for a car at this price point, safety and fuel economy are certainly the predominant concerns.

MSRP: $24,160

#1 Honda CR-V

Honda 1

The U.S. News and World Report calls the 2014 Honda CR-V #1 in three categories: “Affordable Compact SUVs,” “Afforable SUVs with 2 Rows” and “Affordable Crossover SUVs.” And it absolutely deserves the recognition.

The CR-V offers a surprisingly roomy cabin, considering its “compact” status, but it’s really the zippy performance, safety standards and family-friendly features that earns it top spot on this list.

The family-friendly features include a backup-camera for additional safety, surround stereo sound with Bluetooth and streaming capabilities, USB ports and plenty of storage space for all that picnicking, hiking, or beach-swimming gear.

The Honda CRV is everything you’d expect out of a Honda – that is, it stays true to the reputation Honda has for practicality, reliability, and fantastic value. You and your family cannot do much better when looking for an affordable SUV than you can with the Honda CRV.

Number one on this list, and rightfully so, the new Honda CR-V raises the bar on affordable luxury.

MSRP: $22,945

What are your favorite brand new SUVs under $30K? Any makes/models we missed? Let’s expand the list in the comments section below!


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