The Year of the Pickup: 7 Best Trucks of 2014

By on April 24, 2014

#6 GMC Sierra 1500

There’s nothing small or compact about the GMC Sierra 1500, though. This is a full-size pickup with full-size power.

The Sierra has been at the top of best-of lists for years, mainly due to its utter reliability, powerful V6/V8 performance and its surprisingly luxurious interior. The seats are incredibly comfortable and the cabin’s design is classy and spacious.

Under the hood, the different Sierra models range from a 4.3-Liter, V6 engine to a 5.3-Liter, V8. Even at the low end, the Sierra is a powerful vehicle capable of serious hauling, towing and even off-roading. Also, compared to other trucks in its class, the GMC Sierra 1500 features decent fuel economy, allowing you to save money at the pumps.

Base Model in Brief:

  • Engine – 4.3-Liter, V6
  • Horsepower – 285
  • Drivetrain – Rear Wheel Drive
  • MPG – 18 City / 24 Highway
  • Transmission – Automatic

#5 Ram 1500

Base Model in Brief:

  • Engine – 3.6-Liter, V6
  • Horsepower – 305
  • Drivetrain – Rear Wheel Drive
  • MPG – 17 City / 25 Highway
  • Transmission – Automatic

The Dodge Ram has been a symbol of American motor strength for decades. It’s a go-to pickup for anyone looking for a serious hauler and tower with a comfy, cozy cabin. The 2014 Ram reaffirms all of its best qualities, along with offering a few brand new features.

Setting apart from its class competition, the 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 will feature a model with a turbodiesel V6 engine, which has been getting a lot of praise for its refined power. Fuel economy has become such a big deal for sedans, SUVs and other cars–now it’s getting attention from truck manufacturers. And what do we say to that? It’s about time!

Dodge’s new Ram 1500 has models and trim levels for every type of full-size truck enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for fuel efficiency, raw towing power, interior luxury, or speed on the open road, there’s a Ram out there made just for you.


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