BMW i3 Enhances Image on Super Bowl Sunday

By on February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday is always an important day for the car industry, as the enormous audience that the Super Bowl provides gives automakers a platform to showcase their latest and greatest vehicles on a grand stage.

Of course, ads can be very hit or miss for car companies, and if they’re outdone by their competitors, Super Bowl ads can do more damage than good. However, with their ad for the new, innovative i3, BMW did exactly what they set out to do on Super Bowl Sunday.

With an ad featuring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, former hosts of the Today Show, likening the new BMW to the early days of the Internet, BMW showcased the new i3 as being a truly groundbreaking technological development.

Check out the ad below to see what we mean:

By using the flashback to the early days of the Internet – when Kouric and Gumbel clearly did not understand the finer points of the new technology – BMW portrayed the i3 as a vehicle whose technology will change the world.

Edmunds reported today that the ad spot increased consumer consideration for the i3 by 583%. Not a bad commercial for BMW.

The i3 is indeed a new development for BMW, as the car is designed to be as energy efficient as current technologies allow. The electric-powered BMW i3 represents the first major production car to have absolutely zero emissions, thanks to its electric powertrain. The i3 also comes with an innovative carbon-fiber reinforced plastic design, which further decreases energy consumption.

The i3 has an extended range of 120 miles per charge, making it a more practical electric car than a lot of others on the market. The vehicle is available as a hybrid, and as a fully electric car, but in both models, it will be one of the most fuel-efficient autos on the road.

The Couric and Gumbel commercial also highlights many of the exciting electrical features that the i3 offers, likening them to the pinnacle of technology-age innovation.

It’s pretty unlikely that the BMW i3 will make the same splash that the Internet did back in 1994, but nonetheless, this car is an exciting development that will certainly lead to further technological improvements.

BMW’s Super Bowl commercial was a wild success, and the i3 will be a name to be remembered in 2015.

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