Check Out the Cars in the Upcoming James Bond “Spectre” Film

By on February 9, 2015

The 24th installment in the James Bond film series, titled Spectre, is set to be released on November 6th of this year. And while that’s still a few months out in the future, that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting excited about the incredible cars that have been unveiled in early teasers for the movie.

In Spectre, we will get to see insane new cars from Jaguar and Aston Martin, which make us very excited for the future of the two companies.

Jaguar’s C-X75 (which was suspended for mass production, unfortunately), and Aston Martin’s DB10 concept will be the two cars of note in the film, and apparently there will be a high speed scene featuring the two supercars – one driven by 007 and one driven by the film’s main antagonist. You’ll have to wait to watch the scene, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drool over these cars already.

 Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar’s C-X75 supercar will be the vehicle of choice for the “bad guy” in the upcoming Spectre film, and apparently the evil genius has some pretty good taste.

The C-X75 is a 900bhp hybrid that Jaguar had planned to release before they realized that costs were going to be astronomical. This supercar first made appearances at car shows in 2010, and has only been improved upon since then. But unfortunately, the C-X75 is decidedly not for sale for the time being.

Jaguar stated the “ongoing global economic crisis” when canceling production of the cars in 2012, as prices for the C-X75 would have exceeded $1 million.

Whether the C-X75 prototypes will ever be for sale is a matter of speculation, but you will be able to check out the nicest, fastest Jaguar ever built in November when Spectre hits the big screen.

Aston Martin DB10

Since most Bond enthusiasts don’t find themselves rooting for the enemy, you’ll most likely be cheering on Daniel Craig in Spectre as he drives his brand new, incredibly sleek Aston Martin DB10. Aston Martin has been the Bond car of choice for several films now, and the DB10 represents the height of Aston Martin’s innovation and class, which they will surely highlight in the film.

This car was designed specifically for the film by Aston Martin’s engineers, and will have a limited production of just 10 cars. The DB10 features a 4.7-liter, eight cylinder engine, with a frame made of ultralight carbon fiber, allowing this car to go fast.

While so far, few technical details have been released about the DB10, as its purpose is mostly as a concept car to test out future Aston Martin innovations, we can certainly appreciate its beauty and obvious power. If this is what the future looks like for Aston Martin, we are very excited for it.


Neither of these fantastic new supercars will be available for sale anywhere near you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be wowed by them. You’ll get to see these beauties in all their glory when Spectre hits theaters on November 6th.

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