Beware! Here are the 5 Cars Most Likely to Get You a Speeding Ticket

By on February 26, 2015

While it might not be the first factor you look at when buying a new car, it’s certainly worth considering exactly how your new ride is going to come across to your friendly neighborhood State Patrol troopers. Unless you want to pay hefty fines, there are just some cars that you need to be a little more cautious driving than others.

It is an unquestioned fact that, for a variety of reasons, some cars just tend to attract speeding tickets more than others.

We’ve all heard the rumors about red sports cars, but since most of us don’t have the “issue” of getting pulled over in our bright red Lamborghinis, we might as well take a look at what cars in the realistic range tend to get ticketed the most.

The five vehicles on this list have been shown in studies to receive more speeding tickets than the average car on American roadways. If you own one of the vehicles mentioned here, it might be a smart choice to just let up on that accelerator pedal a little bit next time you’re on the highway.

#5: Hummer H2

Men are nearly twice as likely as women to get speeding tickets, which is probably a big part of the reason that the Hummer H2 – which isn’t exactly known as a speed demon – makes this list. That is because approximately 73% of H2 drivers are males.

The Hummer H2 was last produced in 2009, and was replaced by the H3, which also gets its fair share of tickets. However, the age of the H2 did not prevent it from being one of the most-ticketed cars in 2014, even more so than its successor.

Maybe cops are just not big fans of people driving cars that are probably singlehandedly responsible for global warming, what with their awful CO2 emissions and horrendous 10 miles per gallon. Whatever the reason, the H2 is one car that seems certain to get you a ticket if you are speeding.


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