5 Discontinued Cars that Should Come Back

By on April 16, 2015

Every now and then, the auto industry disappoints us and kills a car that we never wanted to see go. Due to changing trends, updates in technology, and many other reasons, sometimes some of of favorite cars run into the sad state of discontinuation.

Some of the many discontinued cars are no longer practical, but for many cars that are no longer being produced, it seems that there were not many valid reasons for halting production. Many of these cars were much-loved and better than their successors, leaving consumers confused as to what the companies saw to lead them to discontinue.

Sometimes, discontinued cars do come back, like the Acura NSX, which will be making a return this year after a 10-year production hiatus. So, we can dream. And in our dreams, here are the 5 discontinued cars that we hope are brought back soon!

#5: Cadillac Coupe de Ville (Discontinued since: 1993)

The subject of rap songs and nostalgic musings of elderly folk alike, the Cadillac Coupe de Ville is perhaps Cadillac’s most iconic vehicle. While it lacks somewhat in the practicality department today – the huge, boat-like design is somewhat passé in today’s auto scene – the Coupe de Ville is still a favorite of throwback enthusiasts everywhere.

The Coupe de Ville was discontinued in 1993 as the cars just weren’t selling like they used to; big, two-door coupes had been replaced by smaller two-door coupes and four-door options on larger cars. However, as things tends to happen when a popular car is discontinued, older Coupe de Villes instantly became collectors items.

If Cadillac were to bring a new and improved version of the Coupe de Ville back in the near future, everyone from Afroman to your grandfather would be excited. So, clearly, that needs to happen.


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