Ferrari Debuts New 488GTB

By on June 9, 2015

Ferrari’s replacement for the 458 is here, and it is everything we could have hoped for. The new Ferrari 488GTB is a breakthrough for the company, as they have never built a supercar quite like this one. While the 488GTB shares several characteristics with its 458 predecessor – namely, the same chassis and several design elements – this car also features many new elements that have never before been seen in a Ferrari vehicle.

The 488GTB is set to go on sale in September of this year, with a price tag of just under $250,000, and for extreme car enthusiasts, this super-fast, flashy new Ferrari will be worth every penny. The 488GTB is arguably Ferrari’s biggest design change in years, and getting your hands on one of these cars will not be an easy task.

In addition to the steep asking price, production will be limited, as is usually the case for luxury sports cars. While you might never get to drive a Ferrari 488GTB, it is still worth checking out the car’s impressive specs.

Arguably the biggest departure from the Ferrari 458 that you’ll find in the 488GTB is the new twin-turbo system added to the engine. Gone is the naturally-aspirated, 4.5-liter engine from the 458, and it has been replaced with a 3.9-liter four-cam, direct-injected, twin-turbo engine, raising horsepower to 661, an increase of 98 over the previous model. While the engine is smaller, it increases in power elsewhere as well, as the ultra-efficient design allows the 488GTB to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 3 seconds flat, and the car can reach top speeds of 210 miles per hour.

Ferrari has also incorporated several other design elements into the 488GTB to increase aerodynamic performance. The 488GTB offers 50% greater downforce than the 458, and twin vertical airfoils channel air underneath the car, cutting down on resistance. The torque numbers for the 488GTB are significantly greater than the 458, increasing by 163 lb-ft to 561.

Of course, the 488GTB didn’t do away with the things you’ve come to expect from Ferrari. The luxury interior is better than ever, and the 488GTB features what is easily the best infotainment system Ferrari has ever put into a car. The 488GTB is also, finally, the first Ferrari to offer keyless entry and ignition, something which the majority of the company’s competitors have been doing for awhile.

With modernization inside and out, and increased performance everywhere you look, the Ferrari 488GTB is the perfect evolution from the 458. Keeping the good things the same, while improving wherever improvements were possible, the 488GTB makes it clear that Ferrari is not going to be outdone in the business of supercars.

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