Ford Partners with Microsoft to Become Latest Cars with Over-the-Air Updates

By on March 17, 2015

Ford’s native infotainment system, the Sync 3, just became a lot better, thanks to the company’s new partnership with Microsoft.

Although the first two generations of the Sync infotainment system were designed in partnership with Microsoft, the Sync 3 is not; however, Microsoft will still play a major role in making the system much easier to update and much more accurate.

While Ford opted to have the Sync 3 built in conjunction with Blackberry, Microsoft has nonetheless signed on to help Ford use Over-the-Air wifi technology to update the Sync 3 infotainment system, replacing the tedious USB-drive-powered update system upon which the vehicles were relying.

Over-the-Air update technology is a relatively new phenomenon for cars, but one that is becoming more and more prevalent. Just as your smartphone can now update from the cloud or over wifi, this technology allows your car’s infotainment system to download and install new software updates remotely, as it is parked in your garage and connected to your wifi.

This technology serves as a major upgrade over the arduous process of saving updates to a flash drive and then uploading them to your car’s infotainment system, or even worse, going back to the dealership every time a new update becomes available. With over-the-air updates, you need not remember to do anything at all when it comes to updating software.

Microsoft will begin equipping Ford vehicles with the capacity for over-the-air updates later this year, with the feature becoming widely available on Ford infotainment systems in early 2016. This technology will certainly help in preventing one of the greatest issues that cars have with their on-board systems – outdated resources.

By allowing software updates to automatically download, Ford has ensured that their infotainment systems will always stay up-to-date and useful. More and more car companies will surely be following suit in the months and years to come.

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