Ford Ranger Pickup to Return in 2018?

By on August 27, 2015

The Ford Ranger pickup truck hasn’t been sold in America in four years, but the iconic pickup truck may soon be making a return. The Ranger was a staple of American truck culture from its debut in 1982 until the last Ranger rolled off the assembly line in 2011. In the time since then, many truck enthusiasts have been hoping for the return of once of the more-celebrated midsize pickup trucks in American history.

This week, indications are that these truck buyers may get their wish. Rumors from Ford hint that the company wants to bring the Ranger back to America, and furthermore, Ford wants to begin producing Ranger pickup trucks in Detroit again by 2018. Ford is looking for new production possibilities in their Michigan plants, as they recently decided to move production of several models from Detroit to Mexico. It seems that this move has opened up an opportunity for the Ranger to once again be produced in America.

The rumors of the Ranger’s impending return have not been officially confirmed, but with a spiffy new redesign for 2016, it seems that now would be as good a time as ever to make the move. Furthermore, Ford has 4,500 jobs at stake in their current Detroit factory, so moving the production of new vehicles there seems to make sense on a great number of levels. Despite no solid confirmation of plans, it has been confirmed that the possibility is at least being discussed.

The Ranger would make sense for a United States market that currently features “midsize” pickup trucks that are mere inches from the size of their full-sized peers. The Ranger isn’t exactly compact, but it would provide a great alternative for those drivers who want a pickup truck that gets better mileage and fuel economy, while still being able to handle typical hauling and towing duties.

So, truck lovers, if you want a little Ranger in your life, stay tuned – this classic midsize truck might be coming back soon!

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