Ford Recalls 400,000 Cars for Faulty Door Latches

By on April 27, 2015

Things continue to look bad for American automakers this year, as Ford has become the latest company to have a massive recall due to manufacturing defects. This recall comes on the heels of a 2014 year that saw the most recalls ever, the majority of which came at the expense of American companies.

The recalls also primarily affected our top pick for the least reliable car ever, as the Ford Fiesta was the main culprit in the series of issues leading to the recall. The Fiesta was the worst offender, however, the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ were also affected by this door latch problem.

Apparently, the issue is that these vehicles have had problems with their doors latching shut at all, and even when they do latch shut, a defective spring has made the cars prone to having their doors fly open while driving. And for some reason, that is something that has bothered drivers, and led to several accidents and injuries.

Fortunately, the injuries reported have not been too severe so far, as only minor injuries involving doors bouncing back at people and unlatched doors striking other cars at slow speeds have occurred. But needless to say, Ford recognizes that these issues could cause much more severe problems if not addressed.

Ford intends to address all four door latches on the vehicles in question going forward, just to be sure that none of these problems persist. Perhaps more troubling is the fact that this is the fourth door latch-related recall from Ford in the last year. In that time, Ford has recalled over one million models of the Explorer, Escape, Taurus, Police Interceptor, and Lincoln MKS, for myriad problems with door latches.

Hopefully Ford will get it right this time, and motorists will no longer have to worry about the ability of their car doors to stay shut. In any case, like we’ve mentioned, no good comes out of driving a Ford Fiesta.

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