Top 6 Most Fuel Efficient Sports Cars

By on October 13, 2014

#2 Mini Cooper Roadster

“Mini” only describes the size and fuel-economy of this charming little vehicle. It’s speed and power, it turns out is of a much larger stature.

With a turbocharged engine and an optional six-speed manual transmission, makes this a speedy ride. An average fuel economy of 30 mpg, makes it one of the most efficient options around. Keep in mind, that the car requires premium fuel — which will add a little to each fill up. This convertible-style vehicle is fun enough to drive, however, that you may not even notice the extra few bucks.

Fuel Economy, Power and Price:

  • Engine – 1.6L
  • Horsepower – 121 HP
  • MSRP – From $26,100
  • MPG – 26 city / 35 Highway

#1 Audi TT

To top our list, we have the the Audi TT — a little coupe with a hard working 2.0-liter four cylinder engine that makes it a fun ride.

Some of its competitors might out accelerate the little vehicle, but they won’t likely compete in fuel economy.

According to the EPA, The Audi TT achieves an average 26 MPG fuel economy. All-wheel drive comes standard, making it a good vehicle for drivers in rainy or snowy areas.

Fuel Economy, Power and Price:

  • Engine – 2.0L
  • Horsepower – 211 HP
  • MSRP – From $40,35
  • MPG – 22 city / 31 Highway

Any other speed racers you think should be added to the list? Is power more important than fuel-economy and vise versa?

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