Honda is Revamping, Revitalizing and Reviving the Sporty S2000

By on May 13, 2014

Honda has three new sports cars hitting the market over the next couple of years, but perhaps the best surprise is that one of them has just been reported to be a reborn and updated S2000.

Like the original model, the new mid-sized S2000 will feature a coupe design and (very exciting) an innovative balance between hybrid technology and turbocharged engine performance, giving us a car that will offer excellent gas mileage while also tearing up the pavement with its signature speedy style.

The new S2000 will utilize and enhance a Civic Type-R engine, with 2 liters, 4 cylinders, and up to 350 horsepower. Some of the hybrid technology was crafted with the help of the McLaren Formula 1 Team, showing the designers of this latest S2000 model aren’t mucking around.

The newest rumor is that the speedster will become available by 2017, probably in Europe first. But it’s only a matter of time before it hits stateside after that.

The other two Honda sports cars on the way include a new S660 starter with a three-cylinder turbo engine and the hybrid NSX which will be Honda’s premium performance model with a reputed 400-horsepower engine. Those two vehicles are expected to be available by 2015, with the Honda S660 making its debut across the Pacific first, in Japan.

The exclusive photo above is courtesy, as is most of the information found here. As new developments come to light about the reemergence of the Honda S2000 sports car (as well as the S660 and NSX), we’ll be sure to let you know!

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