Infiniti Vision GT Concept Unveiled

By on May 1, 2015

About one year ago, Infiniti first showed the world their Vision GT concept car in a way that didn’t exactly allow for driving. Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has an open invitation to automakers to design and build prototypes made specifically for his famous racing simulator, and the Infiniti Vision GT was Infiniti’s entry into the Gran Turismo madness.

However, it is now a year later, and apparently, both the public and Infiniti are smitten with this sleek, sexy concept car. At a design event at the Shanghai Motor Show, Infiniti put the Vision GT on display for all to see…and envy. In real, physical form.

The Infiniti Vision GT is already making plenty of headlines. With a gorgeous design and plenty of potential for excellent, track-ready features, the Vision GT concept is already looking like it could be an enormous hit. Now the question becomes whether Infiniti will listen to public opinion and ever make the Vision GT into a widely-produced reality.

The Infiniti Vision GT comes with a 4.5-litre V8 petrol-electric hybrid engine, and while that kind of power sounds plenty exciting, unfortunately, the car has not been fully tested yet, as it remains in the conceptual stage.

In addition to being designed for speed, the Vision GT looks like a futuristic, boat-like race car. The long front of the car is as streamlined as possible, and the car’s body is low to the ground and built to reduce drag as much as possible.

If Infiniti goes forward with the Vision GT, it could help the company compete with more renowned luxury car manufacturers in the same market like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. However, the production of the Vision GT is far from a sure thing at this point, even as critics and drivers alike praise the design.

For now, we’ll just have to wait. But at least we have a physical car to fawn over instead of a Gran Turismo virtual car. It’s a step in the right direction.

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