Innovative New Car from Kenguru Gives People in Wheelchairs Freedom to Drive

By on January 5, 2015

A new car on the market has given wheelchair-bound people the ability to drive again. American auto company Kenguru has created a prototype that gives individuals in wheelchairs unprecedented freedom to get back on the road.

Kenguru founder Stacy Zoern, who gets around in a wheelchair herself, quit her job as an attorney to focus on her vision – to create a car that would allow people in her situation to be able to drive again.

The electric car produced by Kenguru is designed so that its drivers never have to get out of their wheelchairs to operate the vehicle. All one must do is press a remote to open the back of the small automobile, lowering a ramp which allows drivers to wheel their way into the vehicle. Then, without ever leaving the wheelchair, the user can drive the car away.

The Kenguru prototype isn’t highway ready quite yet – its speed tops out at 35 miles per hour – but the car is ideal for getting around the neighborhood or city, providing newfound freedom for its wheelchair-bound drivers.

With its innovative features, Kenguru has already secured millions of dollars in backing, and you may very well see the automobiles on streets this year. It’s estimated that the car will sell for approximately $25,000.

Check out the video below to see the Kenguru in action!


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