Koenigsegg Regera: The New Standard for Hypercars?

By on March 3, 2015

This week, something big came out of Sweden, thanks to Christian von Koenigsegg, whose nominal auto company continues to make headlines by producing some of the most insane vehicles we have ever seen on this planet.

Koenigsegg’s latest monster has been unleashed upon the world this week in anticipation of the Geneva Motor Show, and make no mistake, the Koenigsegg Regera supercar is an engineering marvel that can challenge any car in the world.

Producing an absolutely mind-blowing 1800bhp and 1475lb ft of torque, the Regera combines a 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine with a 9kW battery pack to produce a stunning output of pure, unimpeded, electric and petrol power.

Perhaps the most impressively unique feature about the Regera, however, is the fact that it is a single-speed car…that can reach maximum speeds of 255 miles per hour. How does this work? Well, Christian von Koenigsegg has outfitted the Regera with his signature Koenigsegg Direct Drive system.

This system works with a crank-mounted electric motor, which fills the torque gap, combined with a hydraulic coupling. Then, each rear wheel is equipped with its own electric motor, producing approximately 700bhp. Once the car is in motion, initially running on completely electric power, the hydraulic coupling begins to close and the standard engine kicks in – usually once the car is going over 30 miles per hour. So, that is how a car works without a real transmission, in case you’re unfamiliar with this incredible technology.

The Regera is rear wheel drive only, and accordingly, doesn’t have the best traction when getting going, taking 2.7 seconds to go 0-62. However, this car will do 93-155 in just 3 seconds flat. Once the Regera gets going, it really gets going.

Engineered for ultimate aerodynamic performance, the exterior of the Regera is mighty impressive as well, with a lightweight frame, huge side scoops, a front diffuser, and plenty of shock absorbers. The front tires are wider than the rear wheels, to adjust to the added weight of the battery in the back. Everything was considered in ensuring that the Regera was as fast and aerodynamic as possible.

If you want a Regera – and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t? –  you’ll need to pony up $1,890,000, and only 80 of the vehicles will be produced. While 4 of the models have already been sold, the Regera is not complete just yet. After the unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show this week, the car will be further track tested before its release in earnest. However, we have a feeling that not many more improvements can be made to this incredible hypercar.


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