Lamborghini Urus: When Will We See It?

By on May 8, 2015

The Lamborghini Urus, the Italian luxury brand’s first attempt at an SUV since the Lamborghini LM002 – which was discontinued in 1993 – faces a few hurdles to clear before becoming a reality. For the Urus to be produced, Lamborghini will need to secure a deal with the Italian government to receive funding for a new factory that will focus on producing this specific vehicle.

The benefit for the Italian government, which would give Lamborghini over $110 million in tax incentives for the construction of the new factory, would be the creation of at least 300 jobs. Lamborghini would be required to hire at least 300 new employees for the factory, should the government agree to the significant tax incentives.

With only 1,175 full-time employees at present, Lamborghini may balk at an expansion that large. The company takes pride in their small-scale approach to luxury car-making, and they want to stay much smaller than Ferrari.

If Lamborghini does not agree to the deal, the future of the unprecedented Lamborghini Urus might be in jeopardy. The luxury SUV prototype’s mass-production is still very much in question as Lamborghini weighs its options.

A big part of the reason for the current circumstances is the fact that Italy has still not fully recovered from its 2009 recession, and unemployment is still hovering around 12%. Italy’s Prime Minister recently introduced a $2.5 billion stimulus plan, and a new Lamborghini factory would certainly take advantage of some of that cash influx.

It has been three years since Lamborghini unveiled the Urus concept, and it seems like the company is still enthusiastic about producing its first SUV in decades. The Urus would join Lamborghini’s luxury sports cars as one of the world’s finest vehicles, but would provide a unique option for the wealthy people who wish for a little more room in their $200k ride.

We have a feeling we will see the Urus eventually – it’s just a matter of when. If Lamborghini and the government can reach a deal, look for the car to become a reality sooner rather than later.

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