The 5 Least Expensive Cars to Insure

By on April 30, 2015

When buying a new car, one important factor that is oftentimes overlooked is the value that a car can bring you when you go to insure it. Car insurance can vary wildly across many different brands and models, with some vehicles demanding consistently higher premiums than others.

While this cost may not seem to make a huge difference initially, when you add up the cost of paying high insurance year after year, it starts to make enough of a difference in price that it is a factor worth considering. Having a car that will cost you three times more than the average insurance prices is a decision that will leave your wallet feeling lighter in the long run.

Conversely, if you purchase a vehicle that is well below average in terms of insurance premiums, you will have a little more money to spend on things more fun than car insurance. The five cars below are the cheapest to insure today. Save big on car insurance and consider getting one of these vehicles!

Here are the five cheapest cars to insure, on average.

#5: Honda Odyssey LX – $1,163/year

The Honda Odyssey LX is one of the most popular family minivans around today, and due to its safety and reliability, it is a dream to insure. The Odyssey LX received a slight price increase overall in 2015, but it still starts at a modest $29,805.

The Odyssey received a big redesign (for the better) in 2014, which included enhanced cabin features, a sleeker, more stylish exterior, and improved safety features. These safety features only help to make the Odyssey stay near the top of the cheapest cars to insure.

For the paltry average sum of $1,163 per year, the Honda Odyssey LX will save you thousands when compared to more flashy and less practical cars. If you have a big family, this minivan is already one of the best choices around; however, its incredibly low car insurance premium makes the Odyssey LX an even smarter buy.

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