Lexus LF-SA Takes Aim at Mini

By on March 9, 2015

While the Geneva Motor Show is usually best known for the releases of new, flashy supercars and futuristic concepts, this year, Lexus made a splash by unveiling a concept car that is realistic and ambitious – the tentatively-titled Lexus LF-SA.

This tiny car – it is only 11 feet long and 5 feet wide – is poised to take aim at the “city car” market, currently occupied by vehicles like Smart, Mini Cooper, and others. However, the Lexus LF-SA would also have different, unique features that serve to set it apart from the rest of these small car models.

While many details aren’t available at this time, since the Lexus LF-SA is still in the conceptualization stage, it seems like this new idea from one of the world’s foremost luxury car manufacturers could pose a real challenge to cars already established in the small, efficient demographic of vehicles.

The  Lexus LF-SA puts a new spin on what it is to be a luxury city car, and that starts with the vehicle’s unique, visually appealing design.

The LF-SA sports an interesting, complex grille, which is complemented by the car’s sharp angles and sleek design. The LF-SA is a thing of beauty, staying true to the standards which we have come to expect out of Lexus.

Unfortunately, Lexus does not anticipate the LF-SA to be production-ready for a few years – most estimates place the widespread release of the car sometime around 2018. Odds are that if ever produced, the LF-SA would be a hybrid or electric vehicle, as Lexus usually incorporates those elements into most of its contemporary cars.

A 2-door car, the LF-SA could still sit 4 people, although extra room is given to the driver, since city cars such as this one are usually driven solo.

Much remains to be seen about the future of the Lexus LF-SA, but one thing is for sure – if this car becomes widely available, Mini and their peers better be on notice, because Lexus is ready to take the first shots.

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