Lotus to Produce an SUV by 2019

By on July 7, 2015

A few weeks ago, it became official that Lamborghini will produce the Urus SUV, which is certainly a departure from what Lamborghini usually does. Now, Lotus is following suit, as this week, the British sports car company announced plans to produce their own SUV in the next few years. Lotus plans to debut its SUV in 2019, taking aim at a market niche that is currently dominated by sporty crossovers from the likes of Porsche.

Lotus is much more used to building cars like the impressive new 3-Eleven, so it will be interesting to see exactly what happens when the company takes on an SUV project for the first time. The Lotus SUV is expected to be a smaller crossover SUV instead of a big bruiser, and we imagine that, per the company’s usual modus operandi, the car will still have plenty of speed and power.

The car pictured above is, of course, not the car that Lotus will release, as this vehicle is still well into the phase of speculation and prototyping. However, the car above, the APX, was Lotus’s first foray into an SUV prototype, even if it never made it to production. And based on that concept, we can guess a little bit as to what a Lotus SUV will be capable of.

With a tentative release date in 2019, the Lotus SUV will not be available in America initially, with the first wave of the cars expected to be released only in China. However, you can bet that if the crossover is a success, it will soon find its way across Europe and the Americas.

Even with a ways to go before actual, tangible production, Lotus is talking a big game. The company’s CEO has said that he wants the Lotus SUV to be the fastest, most agile SUV ever built, and you can be certain that the company will make every effort to attain those titles.

For now, we will just have to wait and see, with the promise of another sporty SUV just a few years away.

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