Mercedes to Launch “MB Companion” App for Apple Watch

By on May 19, 2015

Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to launch an Apple Watch application, tentatively titled “MB Companion,” by later this year.

While Mercedes will not be the first auto company to jump into Apple Watch fray, they appear poised to improve upon the apps of their competitors. Mercedes is aiming to create the best car brand-specific Apple Watch app yet, and with their plans announced, it sounds like they are on the right track to do so.

Apps released for Apple Watch by car companies so far essentially focus on standard GPS technology, helping drivers navigate more seamlessly just by looking at their wrists.

This technology is likely to help with distracted driving, as glancing at an extremity that is already conveniently placed on the car’s steering wheel is much more convenient than having to reach down and check a phone.

While Mercedes will certainly offer such features in the forthcoming MB Companion app, the company also plans to introduce other technological advancements that will make Mercedes-owning motorists’ lives easier still. With a wide range of new possibilities, the app may be better than we even expect it to be, as Mercedes is only announcing a handful of the potentialities at this point.

One of the features that Mercedes-Benz will add in this app, in addition to typical GPS functionality while driving, is door-to-door navigation. This will allow drivers to use the app to find their car while on foot as well. The MB Companion app will show you the way to your car from the second you leave your house, and the feature will allow you to always remember where you parked your Mercedes.

This feature also senses when a driver has exited the vehicle, and the GPS system switches to pedestrian mode, to help an Apple Watch wearer find the rest of the way to their location while on foot. The company also plans to add functions that include remotely checking the fuel level, checking whether the doors are locked or unlocked, and a car’s speed and location information.

Look for the MB Companion app to come to Apple Watch this fall in the United States and Europe this fall, initially available in the S-Class and C-Class models only, with greater inclusion to come in the future.

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