Mercedes to Introduce a Pickup Truck by 2020

By on March 30, 2015

Mercedes is a brand that is known for high-end luxury, and not so known for blue-collar, load-bearing muscle. However, that might be changing in the next few years, as Mercedes-Benz has announced that they will introduce a pickup truck before the end of the decade, capitalizing on one area of the market which the company has yet to explore.

While the Mercedes pickup may still be a few years off, this development has already spurred a lot of conversation and intrigue, as it marks a major step for a brand that has not been a player in the truck market in its history.

Mercedes-Benz has produced industrial trucks and semis, however, these vehicles have not been available for widespread consumer use, and most of them are completely impractical for the average motorist. This pickup truck concept will aim to change that, making Mercedes a brand that pickup-driving consumers can use every day.


Mercedes plans to make their pickup truck capable of towing one ton of weight, putting it in a class with the monstrous Toyota Hilux, VW Amarok, and Great Wall Steed. This pickup truck will be no joke, and will serve hardened, rough-and-tumble types and white-collar businessmen alike.

Of course, we expect that a Mercedes pickup is going to run you a little more than a Ford F-150, but this truck will almost certainly have a luxury interior and features that most affordable pickups can only dream of including.

This truck will certainly serve to expand and capitalize on another sector of the auto industry for Mercedes, bringing them business in a place where they have not really competed previously.

Obviously, at this time, tech details are pretty scarce on this truck – after all, it is still just a concept – but if it looks like the conceptual drawing above and can lug around one ton, we’re pretty sure it will be a major player.

Look for a Mercedes-Benz pickup truck to come to a dealership near you before the end of the decade, although a hard timeline has not yet been set. When it does happen, it will be a game-changing innovation for Mercedes.

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