Mercedes Unveils The GT, Their New Sports Car’s Name (And Photos of Interior)

By on April 16, 2014

Since Mercedes-Benz put the kibosh on their SLS AMG, the public has been waiting to hear what sports car the high-end manufacturer is planning on replacing it with. Well, the wait is finally over.

While the public won’t get to see the complete model in person until the Paris Auto Show in October, the kind folks at Mercedes have given us a little teaser in the reveal of its name and a couple images of its super snazzy interior.

It’s called the GT and its looks like the very definition of “luxury.”

Goodbye SLS AMG & Hello GT!

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG was manufactured from 2010-2014 and was revered for its swanky design and ultra powerful performance. As a sports car, it wasn’t exactly unrivaled, but it was certainly a car to be envied.

Mercedes even went so far as to create an electric model in 2012, and the car world found an even deeper level of love for this luxurious 2-seat vehicle line.

Here’s what the SLS AMG looked like:

And now the SLS AMG has gone away.

But Mercedes is looking to replace it with something even better-looking, even better-performing, and even more worthy of our love and envy.

The GT (which stands for “grand touring”) is being built in Affalterbach, Germany, just like the SLS AMG, at the Mercedes-AMG headquarters. There’s been a shroud of secrecy surrounding the new model, but now that we’re getting closer to its debut, the company has decided to let the cat out of the bag. (Or at least open the bag enough to give us a glimpse of said cat.)

The new sports car’s name suggests that this powerhouse will be more suited to the road than to the race track, and if it’s in the same vein as other GTs through history (and why else would they give it that name?), it’ll be super fast, super cozy and super fun to control.

The name alone might have been enough to sufficiently whet our appetite, but Mercedes-Benz felt the need to give us a sample taste of the GT’s look to make us crave it even more. Bless them.

First Look at the GT’s Cockpit

The official Mercedes-Benz GT press release says the new sports car “embodies emotion and sensuousness like no other” and that the interior design features “the finest materials and outstanding workmanship combining to create a setting that simply exudes class.”

This may sound a bit over-the-top and grandiose, but when you put those words together with how you feel when looking at these official GT cabin photos, you can’t help but see the truth in them.

Plain and simple, the Mercedes-Benz GT is a sexy-looking car. And if it carries the same 4.0-Liter, V8, twin-turbo engine as the SLS AMG, then you can bet it’ll be a sexy performer, too.

First Impressions of the Merecedes-Benz GT

mb 2

SLS AMG grill via

Don’t call it love at first sight–with only the name and a couple cockpit photos to peruse, you just can’t be completely sure what the GT has to offer in terms of overall design and performance.

That being said, I’m definitely in love with it enough right now that I can’t wait to see more come October. We’ll keep you posted on any new developments or officially released photos as we near October’s Paris Auto Show and the Mercedes-Benz GT‘s big reveal.

For now, though, get a load of that gorgeous cabin!

Have you been following Mercedes’ transition from the SLS AMG to the new GT? Are you excited to get a real glimpse of it in a few months? How much would you pay to be able to drive this beautiful-looking sports car whenever you wanted?

*Pssst! If you just can’t wait for a glimpse of the GT, here’s a spy photo from when it was being tested recently:

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