Check out Nissan’s Glow in the Dark Leaf!

By on February 13, 2015

Glow in the dark products are hardly items at the cutting edge of modern technology, but glow in the dark paint on a car? Now that is something that we have not seen previously.

However, Nissan has done exactly that, by teaming up with inventor Hamish Scott to create a version of their electric Leaf model that glows in the dark at night. This glow in the dark Leaf gets its luminous coating in a very environmentally-friendly way too, which is why Nissan decided to throw the paint on its most environmentally-friendly vehicle.

The glow in the dark effect is produced by a paint which absorbs UV light during the daytime, allowing the paint to then glow for approximately 8-10 hours after it gets dark outside.

This sort of solar-powered innovation is perfect for the Leaf, a car designed to be as environmentally efficient as possible.

The paint for this one-of-a-king glow in the dark vehicle is made out of a rare natural earth product called Strontium Aluminate, which is a solid, odorless, and chemically and biologically inert product, adding more credence to the whole “eco-friendly-to-the-max” concept.

Nissan hopes that these technologies will enhance the image of electric cars, and lead to greater solar powered technologies in homes, which can be used to charge vehicles like the Leaf.

Check out the video of the glow in the dark Nissan Leaf below!

No word yet on when, or if, these glow in the dark vehicles will be available at a car dealership near you, or if there is any real practical purpose for owning a car that glows at nighttime…it certainly could make you more susceptible to speeding tickets.

But in any case, that doesn’t mean we can’t admire the fact that somebody decided to do this. We’ll have to wait and see if any other car companies follow suit with their own glow in the dark prototypes in the coming month. Stay tuned!

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