It’s a Car! It’s a Motorcycle! It’s the Polaris Slingshot!

By on February 24, 2015

Three-wheeled vehicles that walk the line between car and motorcycle have been put on notice. While vehicles like the Can-Am spider employ the tripod approach to blurring the line between car and bike, they will soon be put to shame by the Polaris Slingshot, which is set to be released around July of this year.

So what’s the big difference between the Slingshot and preexisting three-wheeled vehicles? Well, simply put – the Slingshot is faster, more powerful, and much, much sexier.

Polaris, a Minnesota-based company best known for Snowmobiles and ATVs, has taken to the roads of America in their quest to build the finest three-wheeled vehicle to date. While the Slingshot still technically qualifies as a motorcycle (Everywhere but Texas, where the Slingshot has been banned over a stupid technicality on the seats being more like car seats instead of motorcycle seats), this vehicle handles better than most two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicles out there.

The Polaris Slingshot is straight out of an adrenaline junkie’s wildest dreams, with a one-wheel-drive system giving the power to the rear wheel. The rear wheel is on a flexible “arm” of sorts, which allows you to feel as though you are “surfing” on the road – early beta testers say driving this beauty is different than anything else in the world right now.

The Slingshot really sets itself apart, though, in terms of its power and speed as compared to its competitors. While the Can-Am Spyder has a 1330cc engine, the Slinghsot packs in 2384cc, giving it a whole lot more oomph.

It also outdoes the Spyder significantly with a horsepower of 173, compared to the Can-Am’s 115. Throw in a 166 lb-ft torque at 4700 rpm, and you see that the Slingshot is an engineering marvel that is truly in its own class right now.

Check out a Slingshot in action in the video below:

The only problem the Slingshot faces so far is whether states will classify it as a motorcycle or as a car. This has only been an issue in Texas thus far, as the state has banned the vehicle for having “bucket seats,” which apparently are too much like a car….and too…safe? Apparently Texas prefers its motorcycles with as much added danger as possible.

You can expect the Slingshot to officially debut in July of this year, and initial sales are already promising. With a starting MSRP of just $19,999, the price of a Polaris Slingshot is comparable to the Can-Am Spyder ($19,499), and looks like it will be a whole lot more fun.

Whether this spiffy new vehicle is a flash in the pan or a lasting competitor to motorcycles and cars alike remains to be seen, but in the meantime, definitely take a Slingshot out on the road if you’re lucky enough to have a chance.

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