Red Bull Considering Roadgoing Supercars

By on June 30, 2015

Red Bull may give you wings, but the question everyone is asking lately is “will they give us wheels?” Indeed, Red Bull is considering working to produce road-legal cars in the next few years. The company is already well-known for working on and sponsoring a Formula 1 team; however, creating something that could actually be driven on American roads is a completely different concept.

Red Bull hinted at the possibility of roadgoing cars at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, generating much speculation about the company’s future plans. Red Bull has considered the idea in the past, discussing a partnership with Nissan in 2012, which ultimately has not materialized. However, Red Bull president Christian Horner has repeatedly said that he’d like to expand Red Bull’s involvement in the automotive world.

If Red Bull does get involved in building road-legal cars, we sure hope they look something like the incredible prototypes Red Bull created for the Gran Turismo series of video games (shown above). While the prototypes are simply virtual at this time, Red Bull’s lead technical designer is still the man who thought these creations up, and he has expressed interest in bringing these dreams to reality.

For Red Bull cars to come to life, they would need an automaking partner, and it seems that Infiniti and Nissan are the obvious choices. Red Bull previously has teamed up with Infiniti to create the Q50 Eau Rouge concept car, which impressed many viewers, albeit without ever making it to widespread production. Red Bull still has strong ties to Nissan as well, and would certainly consider partnering with them.

In any case, details about the if and when of Red Bull cars remain sketchy and subject to much speculation. But if these cars ever make it to United States streets, we can all agree that it would be pretty awesome. Here’s hoping Red Bull gets these ideas from their imagination and onto the roads in the next several years.

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