Top 6 Secrets of Saving Money on Car Insurance

By on April 21, 2013

Nobody has to settle for the current price of their car insurance. Even if you think you’ve got the deal of the century, there are always new ways to nab yourself an even better deal.

Recently, we revealed some tips to save you thousands at the auto repair shop.

Now, here’s a few more top secret hints to help you reduce your annual car insurance costs by a significant amount.

Are you ready to learn the 6 ways car insurance companies rip you off and make more money from you? Because we’re eager to share!

6 Pro Tips for Saving $$$ on Car Insurance

#6 Steer Clear of Monthly Payments

As grown-ups who have to support ourselves, our families and our homes by taking care of the bills, we have a lot of experience with monthly payments. Cell phone plans, home internet and television services, credit cards–these are all bills that typically carry a monthly billing cycle.

And so does your car insurance.

But whereas you might not have a choice when it comes to internet and cell phones, when it comes to car insurance, you don’t have to stick to a month-by-month plan. In fact, you shouldn’t.

Most car insurance companies charge an extra $3-$8 per bill when its paid monthly by check or credit card.

That fee is often reduced (or sometimes expunged altogether) if you can pay by electronic transfer straight from your bank or credit union checking account.

But if you opt to pay for 6 months or a full year of coverage at once, many insurance companies will reward you with a nice discount. In return for a guaranteed 6-12 month payment, they often provide up to 10% off.

Depending on how many cars are in your family and what kind of policies you have, that can be a huge savings.

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