Seven Cheapest AWD Vehicles

By on December 2, 2014

#6 Mitsubishi Lancer

It can be challenging to find an affordable, mid-sized AWD sedan. That’s why the Mitsubishi Lancer made it on our list. Starting at $21,000, it is definitely an affordable option and with AWD at the switch of a button, it will protect you on icy roads.

The vehicle’s AWD system is really an all wheel control (AWC). Drivers can opt for front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or a “Lock” mode that keeps the rear wheels continuously engaged.

A fuel economy of 22 city/ 29 highway is average for a vehicle of this size and is not particularly impressive. Nonetheless, when you only drop $21,000 you won’t need to save so much on fuel costs.

Power, Cost, Efficiency:

  • MSRP: From $20,995
  • MPG: 22 city/ 29 highway
  • Horsepower: 168 HP
  • Engine: 2.4 L

#5 Jeep Compass

Power, Cost, Efficiency:

  • MSRP: From $20,995
  • MPG: 22 city/ 27 highway
  • Horsepower: 172 HP
  • Engine: 2.4 L

The Jeep Compass is priced at a reasonable $21,000 for the AWD option and is more importantly backed by Jeep’s trail-rated system, meaning it is ready to tackle snow, mud, sand, rocks, you name it.

Some drivers have complained that the Compass lacks driving power and can handle a little roughly.

Nonetheless, when it comes to offroading and driving in inclement weather, the Compass is high performing.

The AWD Jeep Compass models are fitted with the automakers Freedom Drive I and II systems. Both systems provide Brake Traction Control and Electronically Controlled Coupling, which monitors wheel slippage and transfers torque where it is needed most. The difference in the Freedom Drive II is that it includes an available Off-Road mode with Hill Descent Control for particularly challenging off-road driving.


  1. Vharles Marcks

    December 13, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    I’ve owned a new Dodge Charger R/T. Since I was born in the late 1950’s I’ve had plenty of opportunity to drive many, many Makes and models. The new Charger is 1.5 years old now, I’ve never had any repairs or defects to deal with. And it’s a beautiful high performance car, with fuel saver technology, that is in 1/8 of a second the motor will go from using all 8 cylinders to 4, that’s a big fuel saver, and it’s fine tuned so well you don’t feel the change from 8 to 4 or the opposite. My Charger comes with computer aided stability and traction control, it is positively the best handling car I’ve ever driven, with the traction control on it’s almost impossible to put it into any skid or slide. I can’t say enough about the handling and sheer power ! It has helped me avoid accidents, and it’s equipped with 2 front airbags as well as “curtain” type airbags built into the 4 doors. As I keep saying the handling gets an A+ ! Recently while driving thru a very wealthy part of town I was stopped at an intersection, a couple crossed the street in front of me, I heard the wife tell her husband, “Honey, look at that black car, it’s totally beautiful ! What kind of car is it?” I’ll admit I felt pretty good when I overheard her positive comments, especially in a neighborhood with a Lexus, Volvo, Porsche, etc. in every driveway !!! I hope she got a new Charger, especially an R/T . Gee what WOULD THE NEIGHBORS THINK if she fell in love with, and bought a lowly Dodge. LOL ! It get’s good reviews, even in the bigger automobile magazines. Trust me I carefully read all their “findings” and opinions, I strongly believe Car & Driver, Road & Track, and Consumer Reports, etc.,shamelessly make negative comments about American cars, especially one certain rag that has an editor/author who makes awful comments and untrue opinions about any vehicle branded Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep. He makes no effort to conceal his contempt for anything Chrysler. When I read an automotive magazine I’d really like to see real facts and make my own decisions about auto’s before I buy a new car, truly unbiased reviews are hard to find ! Yes, it’s true that Chrysler made some poor decisions and sold a few less than reliable auto’s back in the mid to late 1970’s and mid to late 1980’s (when all American auto makers were selling some real Lemons)). But times have changed and today Chrysler began producing some quality models at reasonable prices, and today they build some truly awesome cars and pick-up trucks. Obviously I love that Charger R/T (R/T = road and (race) track), and I’ve driven most models the big 3 had to offer. Dodge has made a stunning comeback with all it’s models, in my case a new Charger and a Dodge Dakota pick-up I bought new 10 years ago, with over 300,000 miles it runs and looks remarkably new, My wife now owns her 2nd Dodge mini van. I do own a Ford GT Convertible, with the optional 5 liter V-8, a 2001 model with only 39,000 miles on it. I enjoy it, but honestly the Charger will blow the doors off the Pony, I don’t have a lot of negative comments on the ‘Stang , except the fuel pump died a few months ago, and it is located inside the fuel tank, that was a costly repair ! That’s it folks, if you’re preparing to buy a new car soon, give our American auto makers a chance, they build much higher quality products now. Don’t forget to test drive a Charger or other Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicle. Incidentally, I don’t work for Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, nor do I have any relatives or friends working for them. It just wanted to give an accurate and fair opinion on the “new, quality” Chrysler products, since a small group of magazine editors, pseudo “experts” seem to needlessly slam Dodge, and other American makes & models, every time they can.

    • K.R.V.

      January 18, 2015 at 4:08 pm

      I could not agree with you more! I also have a 2014 Charger R/T buy mine is AWD! I also traded a 2003 Dakota for it with over 220K on that without many problems, and it also ran great, I love MOPAR products, and have had good luck and service in all I have owned over the years! My Charger is ALL black, with the AWD appearance package, meaning the grill and everything that would be chrome, is black! and I also get comments everywhere I go! As far as power goes? I love the look on the faces of those who try to leave me at the line! as while they are burning rubber, I am showing them my taillights! Then we get to the hyw. and the funny way folks in the left lane move over for me! I think they feel I am a cop? and not one has pulled out on me yet! Have fun out there, and drive safe!

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