Tesla will Give You a Free Model X if You Refer 10 Friends

By on July 31, 2015

Tesla, and eccentric billionaire owner Elon Musk, continue to do things differently than any other car company around. The innovative company has just announced a new special in advance of the much-anticipated release of the Tesla Model X Crossover – Tesla owners who refer 10 friends to buy a Tesla will have a chance to get their very own Model X at no charge whatsoever. That’s right, convince 10 of your friends or family members to buy a Tesla, and you can get a completely free car – a car that is expected to cost around $70,000.

Okay, so it’s not quite that easy to get a Model X at no charge, but for a few lucky Tesla owners, it will be very possible. The deal here stems from Musk’s announcement that customers using referral codes from current Tesla Model S owners, and the Model S owners themselves, will both receive $1,000 in credit when a referral code is used in the purchase of a new Model X. That’s not a bad deal on its own; however, the deal can get even sweeter if you start to refer a lot of people, and for some lucky Tesla loyalists, a free car is completely feasible.

So, how can you get a FREE Tesla Model X? Well, if you refer 10 new Tesla customers, you get a $20,000 credit towards the purchase of a new Model X. But, if you’re the first person in your region to do so, you get that Model X completely free. If you refer 10 people to buy a Tesla before anyone else in your area, your prize is a brand new, $70,000 car.

However, if you refer fewer than 10 people, the rewards are not half-bad, either. As mentioned, if you’re a current Tesla owner, you get $1,000 off your next Tesla vehicle for every customer you refer. If you refer 5 new customers, you get a free tour of Tesla’s GigaFactory. And at 10 referrals, you get $20,000 off a limited edition Founder’s Series Model X.

So, if you currently drive a Tesla, it’s time to start referring! You know, unless you don’t like free money and free cars. Stop reading this and get going!

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