Top 6 Cars Under $25K That Make You Look Rich

By on May 22, 2013

Here at Motor Guides we think that even though you might not be rich, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive like a rich person — or, at least appear like you drive like a rich person.

Did you know that the most expensive cars in the world are in the millions?

Few of us have the resources to spend $50,000 to $100,000 or more on a car. Most people are barely scraping enough money together to make that monthly car payment.

Nonetheless, we say you all have the right to — at the very least — appear to the world that you are rolling in it.

Here are the best six cars under $25,000 that trick onlookers into believing the driver is in the wealthy top percent.

Luxurious Cars That Are Less Than $25,000

#6 Mini Cooper Hardtop

The Mini Cooper has several things going for it that make it’s $20,000 or so price tag appear much higher.

First of all, it’s a European model — which can be challenging to find at a discount.

Secondly, it’s fast. The mini accelerates from zero to 60 in 7.8 seconds. Fast cars typically equate with fancy engines and big money. The mini cooper, however, has managed to deliver high performance without breaking the bank.

Finally, this little vehicle has a sporty, sleek exterior and gadget-filled interior that screams a high price. You can stay under that $25,000 number and still include heated seats, for example. HD radio and Bluetooth also comes standard in all models.

One of the coolest features for the mini is that the entire interior is completely customizable, from the trim to the mood lighting.

Price, Fuel Economy, Power:

  • MSRP: $20,450
  • MPG: 29/37
  • Horsepower: 121 HP to 208 HP
  • Engine: 1.5L, 1,6L, 2.0L

#5 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Price, Fuel Economy, Power:

  • MSRP: From $23,970
  • MPG: 22/28
  • Horsepower: 158 HP to 167 HP
  • Engine: 2.0L

Mazda has been fooling people for years about the pricetag of its Miata models.

This 2-door, soft top convertible sports car has everything you could ask of a higher-end model yet it can be yours for less than $25,000.

What makes this car so fancy is that it has the look of a sports car or high-end luxury vehicle at a fraction of the cost. The car’s very small size — weighing in at just above 2,000 lbs — the Miata accelerates from 0 to 60 in 6.8 seconds.

A favorite among car enthusiasts for decades, the Mazda MK-5 Miata is a zippy vehicle that — thanks to 50-50 weight distribution and perfectly tuned suspension — is a dream to drive.

And with the look of a much more expensive vehicle, we promise it will invoke the envy of all your friends.

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