Toyota Introduces Affordable Accident-Avoidance Technology

By on March 31, 2015

Increasing technology in accident-avoidance safety features are making cars safer than ever before. For awhile, high-end accident-avoidance technology has been something done best by luxury car brands; however, Toyota recently announced plans to make their more reasonably priced vehicles equipped with features that can greatly reduce the chances of a collision on the road.

The company stated this week that they intend on equipping new, 2016 RAV4s and Avalons with an optional impressive electronic safety system for just $300, making this impressive technology available to many more drivers who haven’t been able to afford the systems that luxury brands offer.

Plans to make the system available in a wider range of cars are underway, too, with the option likely to be available on almost all Toyota models by sometime in 2017.

The system, titled Toyota Safety Sense, will come in two bundles, with a range of different technologies designed to avoid accidents. The “P” bundle includes more features than the “C” bundle, and will cost you a little bit more, but both bundles provide great features at a low price.

In both bundles, Toyota Safety Sense will feature rear-end collision avoidance technology, which helps to mitigate damage and lessen the chances of a rear-end accident at speeds when such accidents are common to occur. The packages will both also include smart headlights, which adjust between high beams and low beams in response to both oncoming vehicles and vehicles in front of you traveling the same direction, and a lane departure alert system, which notifies a driver if the car notices drifting out of a lane.

In the Toyota Safety Sense (P) bundle, the cars will also feature a pedestrian detection and avoidance system, allowing you to recognize and steer clear of pedestrians with plenty of warning, and a dynamic radar cruise control feature, which will allow you to base your cruise control off of surrounding vehicles via radar, ensuring that you maintain a safe speed and following distance.

Starting at just $300, this technology will help make the roads safer for all Toyota drivers, and it provides a more widely affordable choice in accident-avoidance technology. Look for these features to start being implemented later this year.

The future of accident avoidance looks to be very exciting, and Toyota’s willingness to provide the technology for cheap is a major breakthrough in the industry.

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