Toyota Defends Title; Is Best-Selling Brand for Third Straight Year

By on January 23, 2015

For the third straight year, Toyota has sold the most cars on the planet. With statistics finalized for 2014, Toyota – and its child brands, Lexus and Scion – sold more units of cars than any other automaker.

With the year now over, Toyota sales in 2014 totaled a whopping 10.23 million units, putting the company on the top of the sales podium, with Volkswagen (10.14 million units) and General Motors (9.92 million units) rounding out the top three.

In the United States market, Toyota came in second, selling 2.06 million cars to Americans in 2014, trailing only Ford, which sold 2.39 million vehicles. Chevrolet came in third in the country with 2.03 million sales.

Toyota’s popularity was once again spearheaded by the always-popular Camry, whose sales actually increased 5% from 2013, reaching 428,606 units sold in 2014. Yet again, the Camry was the best selling non-truck in America, as the reliable, affordable sedan continued to maintain its place atop the American auto market.

Toyota’s sales were further boosted by the 17 Lexus LFAs that were sold, as the $400,000 luxury supercar has a way of increasing profits in a hurry. But what led the way for Lexus in terms of the number of sales was the RX-Crossover, which sold nearly 108,000 units, making it one of the most popular crossover vehicles in the country.

Scion, meanwhile, was the worst-selling of Toyota’s child brands, as only 58,000 Scions were purchased in 2014, almost certainly leading to some new ideas and reimagining of the brand as we move forward in 2015.

Toyota’s penchant for producing reliable, long-lasting vehicles, combined with the affordability of their flagship brand, make it clear that the Japanese automaker is likely to stay atop the sales leaderboard for several more years. Their ability to create highly-rated cars across all three of their brands, which are designed for three very demographics,  highlights Toyota’s rock-solid reputation among the car-buying public.

We like to think that variety is what keeps life exciting, but Toyota’s consistently excellent numbers serve to show that reliability and peace of mind are much more important than novelty and flash for the average car buyer.

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