UK Ushers In Era Of Hydrogen Cars

By on October 14, 2014

In the last several years automakers like Hyundai, Toyota and Honda have welcomed the latest hydrogen car powering technology with open arms.

These leading car makers have developed new vehicles that take advantage of this advanced transportation model, which many say challenges electric vehicles as the solution to the world’s transportation energy crisis.

And thanks to new government funding in the UK to set up an infrastructure to adapt to hydrogen-powered cars, a major barrier to the accessibility of these vehicles to the general public may be lifting.

The new funding, amounting to about 14 million USD, will be used to build a network of up to 15 hydrogen refueling stations in Great Britain by the end of 2015.

Hydrogen cars were unveiled in auto shows around the world last year. Automakers debuted models like the Hyundai Tucson small SUV, the Toyota FCV and the Honda FCX Clarity — efficient vehicles that run on hydrogen and exhaust only water vapors.

Toyota FCV Hydrogen Car

via E&T

Despite the hype surrounding the zero-emissions cars, however, they have yet to become a viable option for most consumers. This was, in large part due to the lack of infrastructure around supporting them — which the UK has begun to address.

In addition, the cars are costly and hard to come by. Only a select number of the Honda and Hyundai models will be released to the United States in 2015 and they will only be available by lease. The Toyota model, in turn, carries a price tag of $50,000 to $100,000.

With the UK leading the charge in adapting to hydrogen power, other countries may well follow suit — which could mean more and more of these modern cars making their way into driveways around the world.

Toyota, for example, announced recently that the UK would be one of the first markets to receive their new hydrogen-powered vehicle. A decision that likely came in light of the recent funding.

Unless prices on these cars drop, however, do you think people will really take the plunge into this new technology? Tell us your thoughts!

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